A Cherry Pie Strain Guide for Des Moines Cannabis Users

A Cherry Pie Strain Guide for Des Moines Cannabis Users

Cherry Pie is also known as Cherry Kush. It's a potent and popular indica-leaning hybrid. This hybrid combines a strong sativa Durban Poison with flavor-packed indica Grandaddy Purple. It offers smokers the best of both parent strains. Cherry Pie's balanced, mind-expanding high can be enjoyed in many settings. Its versatility and tart, fruity taste have made Cherry Pie a popular choice in cannabis dispensaries across the country. Analytical 360, a cannabis testing lab, has tested numerous Cherry Pie flowers and found high levels of THC. The average was around 20%.

Looks of Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie's flowers range in size from small to medium and exhibit a bud structure that is similar to other indica strains. The tightly curled leaves are packed together with dense orange pistils and threaded through. Although most leaves are mossy green, some phenotypes have flashes purple. This is due to the high levels of pigments in the plants' genes (passed down from Grandaddy Purple), which highlight other colors when stimulated by low temperatures during the growth process. The tiny nugs are covered in translucent white trichomes, which give them a silver sheen.

Cherry Pie Flavor that Des Moines Cannabis Users Love

Cherry Pie has a rich, sweet cherry flavor that jumps from the buds when properly cured. It is accented with light floral and herbal notes. When the buds are crushed or opened, more dank and hashy notes are left behind. Cherry Pie is a smooth, easy-to-inhale smoke. It tastes sweet and biscuity on the inhale. This strain is very pungent so smokers should be aware.

Effects that Cherry Pie has on Des Moines Cannabis Users

Cherry Pie is known for its slow-building high, which begins as a gradual feeling of relaxation. Smokers may feel a slight pressure in the sinuses at first. Cherry Pie helps to ease tension in the core and limbs. Some users may feel that any short-term stressors or worries have vanished. This pleasant feeling can go well with a morning coffee or evening cocktail. The strain's sativa aspect emerges as the high progresses. This affects the user's perceptions. You may notice a marked increase in the intensity of visual or auditory stimuli, which can make otherwise routine thoughts seem more interesting. Cherry Pie can easily drift into paranoid and cerebral territory. Its indica base allows smokers to relax and enjoy the ride, while also encouraging creativity and analysis. Cherry Pie strain works well for both physical and mental activities, such as exercise and video games. It can be an aphrodisiac if used in the right environment.

Benefits of Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie is a medical cannabis patient's best friend. It has both psychological as well as physiological uses. It is a great way to help people with anxiety, depression, or PTSD spend more time now and think more clearly. People with attention deficit disorder can benefit from its unique combination of mental acuity, physical relaxation, and the ability to focus on single tasks. The anti-inflammatory properties of Cherry Pie can ease anything, from chronic, disease-related pains and headaches to more serious conditions like arthritis. Cherry Pie's sedative properties can help with insomnia if taken in sufficient amounts.

The Origin of Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie's origin story is murky. No high-profile breeders claim that they created the strain. However, many producers have made it available online so that you can buy it at any cannabis dispensary. Although it can be grown indoors or out, outdoor cultivation is best if there is consistent sunlight and a warm, humid climate. The plants are short and bushy, with a lot of lateral branching. To maximize the growth of low-growing flowers, growers might need to trim fan leaves that block light. If you want to enhance this strain's striking purple bag appeal, it is worth exposing the plants to colder than average temperatures. Cherry Pie flowers in 8 to 9 weeks if grown indoors, and harvestable outdoors in late October.

Try Cherry Pie at Des Moines Cannabis DispensaryCherry Pie is a well-balanced, potent hybrid that leaves users feeling fully functional. Cherry Pie is equally enjoyable with friends as it can be at home on a slow evening. So if you haven't tried this amazing strain yet, visit your nearest Des Moines Cannabis dispensary and give it a shot. Do let us know your experience of this strain in the comment box.