Best Cannabis Topicals for Pain Relief

Best Cannabis Topicals for Pain Relief

America has a problem with pain. A Michigan Medical New Study showed that 62.2 percent used medical cannabis to relieve chronic pain. Cannabis-infused or derived topical remedies are one of the best and most valuable ways to treat pain and inflammation. Most American also use Cannabis and THC for Sleep.Creams and oils that are high in cannabinoid extracts work well when applied to the skin's surface. There are many cannabis-infused treatments and options, but topicals can be effective for pain, particularly when applied to the skin, muscles, and nerves. These are the essential characteristics of top-quality topicals

  • Quality independently lab tested
  • Hemp and pesticide-free cannabis extracts
  • Easy to dose
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Clearly labeled

How to Choose a Topical

It is crucial to choose the right cannabis topical for your pain and aches. This means that you need to look beyond the brand name and price tag to find the right concentration, type, and cannabinoid profile for your condition.A CBD cream applied to dry, scaly or damaged skin will be more effective than THC Transdermal Patches. The transdermal patch, on the other hand, would be more effective in relieving nerve-related or muscle pain than CBD cream. The key is to find the right product for your condition with the correct cannabinoid content.


Understanding the differences between cannabinoids is key to choosing the right topical. CBD topicals are most effective in relieving minor aches, pains, or soreness. THC-infused creams can also be used to treat more severe conditions, such as pains in the skin's top layers, and the nerves, below.


THC pain relief balm is more powerful than CBD-based products in pain relief. However, there are many options for topical products with different potencies. Full-spectrum products are the most potent. The entourage effect is possible with full-spectrum products.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

Some have raised valid concerns about CBD-based products' cannabinoid content. It's important to verify that the product you are purchasing is third-party tested. Third-party lab testing assures that products are safe and effective, as well as accurately containing the cannabinoids listed on the label. It is crucial to ensure high-quality, pure products and accurate dosage. Third-party lab testing can also be used to provide effective results. Third-party labs offering analysis certification are not the best for cannabis product testing.


The vast majority of cannabis topicals on the market today contain other ingredients. Their top-quality hemp-derived CBD, potent THC, and other medical-strength cannabis cannabinoids are available in many topicals. Some even contain essential oils to provide additional cooling/relaxing effects and moisturizers to nourish the skin they're applied to.


It all comes down to dollars and cents. You have to be prepared to spend a lot to get the highest quality cannabis topicals. The most potent products, with the best ingredients and highest quality cannabinoids, cost more, especially for medical patients.

How to Use Every Type of Cannabis Topical

There are so many options available for medical cannabis topicals. It can be difficult to know how to best use them topically. We have a step by step guide to each type.

Balms and Salves

The most common form of medical marijuana you will think of is topical. CBD salves or balms, also known as THC, are probably the easiest to access. You will only need to take the recommended dosage out of the tube or tin and apply it to the affected nerves, muscles, or dry, damaged areas. Although balms and salves can be difficult to dose, they are likely to be the easiest and most straightforward to use.


Infused cannabis oils can be used topically, vaped, or orally as a tincture. You can apply cannabis oils topically in a similar way to a tincture orally. However, instead of using a dropper to place the oil under the tongue, you will use the dropper to apply the same amount of THC massage oil to your skin and it will be used as


Cannabis-infused gels differ from creams, balms, and salves. Gels don't absorb as quickly into the skin like creams, balms, or salves. Gels are designed to stay on the skin's surface and work longer to moisturize the damaged or flaky skin. Gels can also be used to reduce the pain and nerve problems associated with burns.


Cannabis-infused sprays can be used quickly and easily for a quick and easy application. Spray on anywhere, anytime. You or your caretaker can apply it without having to get cream, gel, oil, or oil all over their hands.

Transdermal patches

THC Transdermal Patches are another option for patients who don't like the messy, unorganized nature of other topical options. These little bandages have a side of topical medication that is applied to the skin. These patches slowly release cannabinoids into your bloodstream in a controlled way.

Top-Rated Topical Treatment for Joint Pain

It can be very debilitating to have severe joint pain. It could be from a muscle strain or sprain, or an injury like arthritis. More than 15,000,000 Americans -- one-fourth of all adults -- suffer from severe joint pain. We recommend a full-spectrum product that includes a variety of cannabinoids to enhance and strengthen each other.

The Best Topical Treatment for Muscle Soreness

You want to use topical cannabis to alleviate muscle and nerve pain. To do this, you should look for a product with a broad range of active cannabinoids. This should be easy to use, quick to apply topically, and work well for chronic pain, inflamed or sore muscles, nerves, or to ease the pain of a new or nagging injury such as a sprain, tear, or soreness.