Guava Jelly Strain: A Delightful Blend of Flavors and Aromas

Guava Jelly Strain: A Delightful Blend of Flavors and Aromas

This jelly is not for your toast. In this article, we'll be diving into a flavorful and aromatic strain. This strain, conceived by Matt Knudson of Leaf Logic Cultivation and found by the team at Smokey Okies Cannabis, has left a deep impression on me. This is indeed a treat you shouldn't miss, especially when you are at a DC dispensary.

Getting to Know Guava Jelly Sundae Strain Lineage

Matt Knudson, a fellow grower from Leaf Logic Cultivation in Oklahoma, is the brain behind the creation of Guava Jelly Sundae. Matt Knudson utilized the following parent varieties to bring Guava Jelly Sundae into existence:

A male bred from (Grape pie x Melon jelly x Biscotti Sundae), by Robby Greenthumbs;

Crossed with StrawGuava s1, a favored pheno from Bloom Seeds.

Matt is an avid admirer of RGT Genetics and was ecstatic to incorporate some of their genetics into this cross. He decided to embark on this project when he discovered a male in the (Grape Pie Melon Jelly Biscotti Sundae seed pack).

Guava Jelly Sundae strain was brought to life by pollinating the male (Grape pie x Melon Jelly x Biscotti Sundae) with his Strawberry Guava pheno.

Matt and the team established Jelly Beanz Seed Co to sell the new Jelly Payton strain, which we also hunted down and reviewed.

In this article, we are not discussing hash, but the cured flower. We will also share our experience of smoking this unique herb, a favorite at our DC dispensary.

Experiencing the Guava Jelly Sundae strain at our Weed delivery DC service

The final flower form of Guava Jelly Sundae boasts dense nugs forming a heart-like shape. The nuggets are predominantly lime green, with a darker gradient running through the calyxes. The presence of orange pistils continuously invites you to consume. If cultivated properly, these flowers can grow to be quite large and resinous.


The moment you pop open your Guava Jelly Sundae container from your weed delivery in DC, you'll know instantly that you've made the right decision. This strain brings an incredible burst of fruity, spicy aromas to the table. The scent is somewhat biscuit-like. This undertone pairs exceptionally well with the grape-flavored jelly. It's almost like smelling the butter on a biscuit with the jelly. A spiced berry scent fills the air when you exhale.


Guava Jelly Sundae carries a unique taste that blends sweet and buttery flavors. It tastes almost like a sweet candy. As you exhale, you will experience a hint of cream and spice berries filling the air. Following this note are multiple facets like buttered biscuits or graham crackers. In essence, the taste is quite reminiscent of a Jelly Biscuit!


This particular phenotype strays a bit from a heavy indica. It leaves you feeling relaxed and free of pain but comes with a euphoric high as well. You'll feel a creeping tingling sensation beginning behind your eyes. You'll then find yourself in an ecstatic state, perfect for social interactions. Even as you come down, you'll have enough lift to enjoy your evening without feeling anxious or in pain.

This strain is the ideal choice for those who enjoy a night out in the town. It helps to alleviate social anxiety, allowing you to feel more comfortable being yourself in public.