This Phoenix Marijuana Dispensary Lists the Best Edibles in AZ

This Phoenix Marijuana Dispensary Lists the Best Edibles in AZ

With recreational marijuana legalization hitting Arizona, the market is awash with new brands and products that aim to help consumers live in comfort and peace. Among these products are almighty edibles, ranging an enormous array of consumables from candies to beverages. Each has their own potency that results in intensely relaxing experiences. Before your next trip to a Phoenix marijuana dispensary, here are some great edible brands in Arizona for you to explore. 

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Top AZ Edibles According to This Phoenix Marijuana Dispensary

Baked Bros

Baked Bros is an edible manufacturer operating in Arizona. They supply a wide variety of edible candies and other products to Phoenix marijuana dispensaries. They stand as an example of the quality that has come to the Arizona cannabis market in the wake of recreational legalization, providing consumers with edibles that emphasize excellence at every stage of their creation.

In order to achieve this consistent level of quality with their merchandise, Baked Bros claims they “produce products in very small batches, the only way to confidently claim the same effect every time, no matter where Baked Bros products are found.” With that kind of ethos, it’s easy to see why Baked Bros is featured in so many Arizona dispensaries.

Defi Edibles

Defi Edibles offers all-natural edible solutions that are both gluten-free and vegan. That makesg them capable of satisfying a versatile universe of cannabis enthusiasts. The signature product that Defi makes are their square gummies. What's more, they come in a variety of delectable flavors including guava, pineapple, raspberry, and strawberry. 

The purpose of producing gummies in individual, snack-sized squares is to assist with the common problem of dosing with edibles. Every square is intended to be an ideal, complete dose. Each person will vary in terms of their personal tolerance and dosing preferences, though.

Tipsy Turtle

A charmingly named edible brand, Tipsy Turtle manufactures a line of products that each possess their own charisma and unique style. For example, staying true to their brand name, one of the most recognizable Tipsy Turtle products is their “Tiny Titans,” mini chocolate turtles that contain caramel and pecan. 

Tipsy Turtles can be extraordinarily potent, making it important to heed caution before digging into a box. For example, each “Tiny Titan” contains 100mg THC, with 5 “Titans” composing an entire package. Always exercise patience between your doses! In addition, don’t be afraid to take halves or quarters out of your turtle. That way, you can achieve your preferred amount of edible.

Aunt Ellie’s

Providing your local Phoenix marijuana dispensary with signature edible baked goods is the major mission of Aunt Ellie’s, with fabulous, potent products are mouth-watering to even behold. Between “Super Mega Brownies” and delicious “Fruity Mellows,” every Aunt Ellie’s product is an example of the care that goes into making many modern edibles.

Aunt Ellie’s products run the gamut in terms of their potency. The most common THC content is 75mg per baked good. That is capable of hours worth of couch-lock. Additionally, individuals with higher tolerance may want to check out the 225mg Super Mega Brownie. It's virtually guaranteed to create an intense body high!