Is a VAPE HIGH different from a FLOWER HIGH?

Is a VAPE HIGH different from a FLOWER HIGH?

It is often debated what the difference is between a vape high or a flower high. Some say there is no difference and others believe that smoking is better. Which is it? Are people just arguing semantics or is there a real difference? This blog post will discuss the differences between smoking and vaping. We hope to finally answer the question!

The Smoking Flower: A Classic That Will Never Go Out of Style

Everyone loves to smoke marijuana. The classic way to consume marijuana is through a blunt, bong, pipe, joint or bong. This is the traditional method that has been used for hundreds of years. The cannabinoids in flowers are burned, inhaled by the lungs and then absorbed into your bloodstream. This is how we feel euphoric and sedative when we get high.

It's more affordable than vaping pens in terms of initial equipment investment. It's just. . . easy.

Our precious flower has a drawback: It is burned during activation.

We should avoid the combustion process as it can have harmful effects on our health.

Vaping Cannabis is on the Rise

The legalization of recreational marijuana is the main reason that vaping was possible. People were able to use cannabis freely without worrying about legal consequences. They began to look for innovative ways to do this.

Vaping refers to heating cannabinoids to below the point of combustion and releasing their active ingredients as vapor. The vapor is inhaled and the THC is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. Vaping is becoming more popular because it is safer than smoking and is easier to use.

What is the difference between smoking and vaping cannabis?

For many, vaping is less intense than smoking marijuana. People have said that vaping marijuana does not provide the same benefits as smoking pot.

This feeling is normal and not crazy. The chemical composition of the vaporizer is what determines how a vape experience feels. Concentrates of cannabis can have chemical properties that are very different to those in the actual plant. Some consumers experience it differently when they inhale it than when they vape it. The chemical composition of cannabis concentrates can often be quite different.

It's more than just a little THC.

When recreational cannabis markets opened in Washington State and Colorado in 2014, other cannabis chemicals like CBD began to make headlines. THC is still the most talked about and there's a push to increase THC levels in all recreational markets in the United States.

However, users are beginning to realize that higher-THC flowers do not always produce a better high. Recently, the concept of the "Entourage effect" was brought to the attention of the public. The phenomenon where the many chemicals in cannabis combine to create a greater effect than any individual can alone is known as the "Entourage Effect".

The chemical makeup of cannabis flowers contains "entourage" chemicals such as flavonoids and terpenes. There are also many other cannabinoids like CBD. These chemicals, along with THC, are what gives us the high we love.

The Last Toke: Is there a vape that delivers a flower-like high?

There are many! Unfortunately, there is currently no easy way to identify these products. Be aware of how your processor extracts the product. Look for cannabis oil with a range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Here are some tips for purchasing full-spectrum cannabis products

  • A strain with 0% CBD is not likely to have a good profile. You should look for strains that contain at least some CBD.
  • On the label, look for "native Terpenes," "cannabis Terpenes" or "processed With Bud".
  • You should aim for a terpene level of 5-20%.
  • CBG, CBC and CBN are all rare cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are rare, so it is likely that a product has them.
  • Pay attention to the color. Clear means it isn't close to a cannabis-like product. A full-spectrum cannabis concentrate is more golden-colored or amber.
  • The average concentration of cannabinoid should be between 50-70 percent. You are likely dealing with a distillate if it is higher than 75 percent. Anything that is highly purified and does not resemble cannabis flowers is called a distillate.

Still have questions? Many dispensaries in Queens carry vape cartridges. Ask their staff for more information about these products. They can help you choose the right one.