White Runtz vs Pink Runtz: Which one to Buy at Henderson Dispensary?

White Runtz vs Pink Runtz: Which one to Buy at Henderson Dispensary?

Many exotic strains are coming out of California, and they're making their way to Nevada. Zkittles and Runtz, Gelato and Sherbet, and any combination of these strains are highly in demand and highly desired almost everywhere not only in Nevada. The Runtz strain is likely to have been found if you've used cannabis delivery services or visited a cannabis dispensary in Henderson, Nevada. You may also have come across Pink Runtz or White Runtz. You don't need to know the differences between them all.

What are Runtz cannabis strains called?

The Runtz strains come from a cross of Zkittles with Gelato. These are phenotypes of other phenotypes, all double-crossed by the Girl Scout Cookies family. You might think that this is a big whoop. Wrong! Runtz is one the most sought-after strains in the country. These strains have some of the most delicious and fruity cannabis flavors. They taste almost like candy, and are available in three different varieties.

Runtz strains can only be purchased as clones from the original breeder in Cali. It's very difficult to propagate Runtz strains on your own, unless you have the original phenotype. Because it is an inbred, exotic and finicky strain, it's considered difficult to grow. If humidity levels aren’t ideal, the strain can develop mold problems. There are many Runtz flowers that have dried and are available at Henderson dispensary.

The dried Runtz flowers are truly stunning. Runtz flowers are among the most beautiful dried herbs that you will find. These flowers are a variety of colors, from greenish to deep royal purple, and they produce a smooth, rich smoke. Runtz is very potent, and it is covered with resin-drenched trichomes. The average amount of THC in the Runtz strain is between 26-30%, which can cause a profound and lasting cerebral effect as well as a deep relaxation that lasts for hours.

This strain is great for those who use cannabis medicinally. It can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. It is well-known to cause severe munchies. This makes it an excellent choice for patients who suffer from a lack of appetite as a result of side effects or medications. You get a wonderful mix of mental and physical effects. Runtz is an excellent choice if you are looking for a euphoric, uplifting strain that increases happiness and encourages creativity. Runtz is great for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

Runtz's balanced effects, high potency and fruity terpene profiles, as well as its eye-catching appearance, are all reasons why it is so highly sought after. Is there any difference between white runtz and pink runtz?

Runtz, Pink Runtz vs White Runtz

Runtz was the first cross between Gelatos and Zkittles. This strain was created by crossing a Zkittles female plant with a Gelato male plant. The seeds were then germinated and grown. A few of these seeds were cultivated by the breeder, and one was kept for later use as Runtz.

The Runtz strain was chosen for its distinctive scent and flavor, as well as its potency. It proved to be more potent, fragrant and flavorful than other seeds that popped. It was cloned in order to be mass-produced for California dispensaries. More Runtz phenotypes were later discovered.

Although the breeder of Runtz is not known, the possibility for more growers and testers to cross the strains with Gelato and Zkittles made it possible to make Runtz. It is not known if Pink Runtz and White Runtz were bred by the same breeder or by multiple breeders. We do know, however, that all three strains come from the Gelato X Zkittles crossing, which makes them all phenotypes.

Rumors are circulating that Pink Runtz is a cross of Rainbow Sherbet (a sibling to Gelato) & Pink Panties (a parent to the Sherbet strain). Although there aren't enough details to confirm or disprove, it is more likely that Pink Runtz is a hybrid of the original Runtz strain and not its own strain.


Runtz is the original, pheno-hunted cross of Gelatos and Zkittles. This strain is a great mix of extremely fruity and balanced flavors that soothe and calm the body and mind. This strain is quickly becoming a household name due to its candy-like flavor, potency, and perfect balance that lasts hours.

White Runtz

White Runtz is another phenotype from the Gelato x Zkittles crossing. Although it is genetically very similar to the original Runtz, its appearance and power are quite distinct. White Runtz is known for its sweet flavor and large amounts of silvery-white trichomes that completely cover the flowers, which are named after White Runtz. These resinous trichomes have a significant increase in potency. This phenotype is by far the strongest.

Pink Runtz

Pink Runtz is a Gelato x Zkittles phenotype that has yet to be 100% confirmed genetically. Pink Runtz's name derives its exotic flavors, which are more like Runts candy than any of the other phenotypes. Pink Runtz is also said to smell a lot worse than the others, but in a positive way. Pink Runtz is a better choice if your preference is for a more flavor-forward strain.

Is White Runtz Better Than Pink Runtz?

It is up to you to decide if White Runtz or Pink Runtz is the best. Although each strain has similar tastes and effects, there are some subtle differences that can make or break a particular strain. White Runtz is a better choice if you want a stronger strain. Pink Runtz is a better choice if you want a strain that has more flavor. Original Runtz is the best choice if you want a great balance of potency and mouth-watering flavor. Let us know if you have tried any Runtz strains. You can find high-quality Pink Runtz and White Runtz at your nearest Henderson Cannabis dispensary.