Tincture Talk: Top Tips for Using a Cannabis Tincture from This Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Newark

Tincture Talk: Top Tips for Using a Cannabis Tincture from This Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Newark

Cannabis tinctures are one of the most efficient and powerful ways that patients can utilize the possible medical benefits of cannabis. However, they’re still not very widely-understood. So, we decided to go to the pros. Below, we’ll break down three tips for using tinctures from this Medical dispensary in Newark.

Tincture Tips from Our Favorite Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Newark

Tinctures have existed for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians appear to have invented tincture by soaking herbs in alcohol. They then used these potions to cure various ailments. Cannabis tinctures build upon this ancient tradition, updating it to tackle modern medical problems.

Tip of the Tongue: Apply Sublingually

Sublingual application - Medical Dispensary in Newark

At first, the technique for using a tincture may seem obvious. It’s an edible — all you have to do is swallow it, right?

Sure, that will definitely work. But it’s not the way to get the most out of your tincture.

When you swallow tincture, it has to pass through your digestive system before arriving at your liver. Once there, your liver converts it into a metabolite, which your body then absorbs. 

This entire process can take up to an hour. That’s fine if you can afford to wait, but sometimes, you need your medicine instantly.

That’s where sublingual application comes in. This technique involves dropping tincture to the blood-vessel-rich area beneath your tongue. Then, mucous membranes can absorb it directly into your bloodstream. The end result is a much faster method of action, although you will need to leave the tincture beneath your tongue for a while as your body absorbs it. But if you need relief fast, it’s the way to go.

Don’t Neglect Dosage

cannabis Tincture dosage - Medical Dispensary in Newark

As with any other medical application for cannabis, it’s important to measure, record, and standardize your tincture dosing regimen. That may seem obvious to some readers - but not all.

Often, medical cannabis patients forego measuring or recording their doses. Instead, they prefer to “eyeball it,” approximating their doses. This is counterproductive because without knowing how much medicine you took, it’s impossible to equate its effects.

“Forgetting” to measure your doses with cannabis tinctures is extra unforgivable because many tinctures come with self-measuring droppers built into the cap. Don’t be lazy - make sure you record and measure how much tincture you’re taking!

How Much Tincture Should I Use?

Measuring tincture dosage - Medical Dispensary in Newark

Unfortunately, there’s no medically accepted dosing regimen for medical cannabis. As far as determining how much tincture to use to treat your specific condition, you’re going to have to do some experimenting.

Start by applying 1 ml of tincture sublingually. Then, increase your dosage by 2 ml per day until you reach the desired effects. This way, you won’t accidentally take too much tincture.

Find Top Tinctures at This Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Newark

Interested in integrating tincture infusions into your daily regimen? If you’re a patient in the Columbus area, stop by our friends at this medical marijuana dispensary in Newark. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you choose which tinctures make sense for your condition. And while you’re there, don’t forget to stock up on any other cannabis flower or infused product you need!