Best Ways to Smoke Your Marijuana Flower: Tips, Tricks, and Methods

Best Ways to Smoke Your Marijuana Flower: Tips, Tricks, and Methods

How do you smoke marijuana flower? You'll likely get different answers depending on whom you ask. Each person has his or her own preference for smoking cannabis flower. And each method can have pros and cons depending on the user. There are many options. You shouldn't hesitate to be creative or seek advice from local Kalamazoo dispensaries.

How to smoke marijuana joints and pre-rolls

The joint is one of the easiest and most popular ways to enjoy cannabis. Rolling joints with paper wrappings is a great way to get a feel for a particular strain. Since joints don't use tobacco wrappings, they're often less harsh.

Once you have practiced rolling them a couple of times, they will become a reliable method to smoke quickly. Pre-roll cones are a great way to smoke weed without the hassle of rolling, and you can find a variety of these at dispensaries in Kalamazoo. They also come pre-installed with filter tips.

Tips for Smoking Joints:

  • When rolling your own joints, include a filter or "crutch". Your joint will be more durable and you'll get smoother hits.
  • Do you want to give your joint an extra kick? Add a little kief to your flower.
  • Don't take too many hits at once, even though joints burn fast. Start slowly and enjoy the high.

Perfect Personal Session: One-hitters & Steamrollers

Steamrollers and one-hitters are the fastest ways to get high. You simply need to load the end of the pipe and ignite the cherry, just like you would a joint. No carbs are required.

One-hitters are similar to steamrollers in style, but they have smaller chambers and bowls. This means that even after a few consecutive hits, the one-hitter can become hot.

A one-hitter will do the trick if you want to have a personal, quick session, without getting too stoned. A steamroller will likely be the best choice if you're looking to relax on Friday.

Smoking one-hitters or steamrollers?

  • The one-hitter is small, and it's not designed to take in a lot of heat. Avoid burning your lips by taking breaks in between each hit.
  • Since they are essentially big glass cigars, steamrollers can be awkward. If the flower is falling from the end, you can either pack the end a little tighter or slightly raise the end.

How to Load and Smoke a Marijuana Bong, Pipe Bowl or Pipe Bowl

It's not hard to see why pipes, bongs and bubblers have become so popular in the cannabis world. The pipes can range from a simple one-chamber to a multi-percolator blown glass bong.

Fill up the bong/bowl with your ground herb, either by hand or using a grinder. Avoid packing the bowl too tight. Airflow is still important. Bongs usually have removable bowls, while pipes are equipped with small "carbs" on their sides. Both work in the same way - by removing or exposing the bowls, you can inhale smoke.

You'll need to place your lighter next to the bong bowl when you are inhaling on the mouthpiece. This will bring the flame up to the bowl. Pull out the bowl after you've gotten a "cherry", (the burning flower that looks like a small red dot), and the smoke is in the chamber. You can hold your bong between the legs of a couch or on a desk.

When lighting a pipe, place one finger on the carb. After the smoke fills the chamber of the pipe, remove your finger from the carb.

Tips for using bongs and bowls to smoke:

  • It is easy to become overwhelmed when smoking pipes and bongs. You should be aware of the amount of nicotine you are consuming.
  • Make sure your bong, pipe or bowl has a screen made of glass or mesh to prevent flowers from falling into the chamber. A screen will also allow you to extend the interval between cleaning your bong or pipe bowl.
  • Is the bong too hot to hit? Add some ice to the tube.
  • Regularly clean your pieces with water and isopropyl ethanol. You'll lose the flavor of your flowers if you use a dirty bong.

To get a full flavor smoke, try a dry herb Vaporizer

The dry herb vaporizer, often recommended by dispensary Kalamazoo experts, has quickly gained popularity as a way to smoke marijuana flowers. While some may say that vaping cannabis is healthier than smoking it, the research is not enough to be sure.

Allow the vape to heat up before using it. First, load the herb or bowl chamber into the vape device. Then set it to the desired temperature.

Low temperatures between 320 and 355 F produce a low amount of vapor but a great flavor. Higher temperatures of 392 F and above will result in a milkier hit.

How to hit dry herb vaporizers with

  • Desk vapes are easy to fill with oven bags, as they come equipped with fans. If you don't want to inhale from something warm, try this method of smoking.
  • The glass bowl of any vape is especially hot. While it is on, be careful and do not reload until the glass bowl has cooled.
  • Try experimenting with the different temperature settings. The different temperature settings will provide different experiences.

The New Smoking Techniques: Taking your Cannabis Experience to the Next Level

New methods of using cannabis continue to grow. From water-filtered cones and vaporizers to organic flavored cones. If you are used to using the devices listed above for smoking, it won't be difficult to try out the latest innovation.

In general, new-age techniques will provide a more unique and enhanced experience.

  • Flavored Organic Cones You can buy pre-rolled cones with organically flavored paper to complement your marijuana flower. These cones are smoked like a traditional pre-roll or joint.
  • laser bongs Yes, that's right. The laser marijuana bongs work similarly to vaporizers except that instead of heating the cannabis using convection, or conduction, they light it with a laser. It's similar to the "solar hits" where you use a magnifying lens to light your bowl. You can experiment with the different temperatures available on a laser bong. Laser bongs produce a smoother, more flavorful smoke compared to regular glass bongs.
  • Vaporizers with water filters: These vaporizers have a chamber filled with water to enhance the smoothness. The temperature chart is included with these devices.

What can I do to mask the smell of cannabis smoke?

If you discuss with a budtender from a dispensary in Kalamazoo, they might suggest some of the following ways to keep the aroma of your favorite strains discreet.

  • Incense Sticks can be burned for 90 minutes and release strong scents to cover the odor of marijuana smoke. Also, candles are a great option.
  • Air Purifier : They have HEPA filters that can help to remove smoke from cannabis.
  • Odor Eliminators : Products like Febreze don't simply freshen the air - they remove odors on a molecule level.

How can I safely inhale marijuana?

Inhaling cannabis is considered safer than tobacco. While this is partially true, any type of smoke can pose health risks.

Here are some ways you can make cannabis smoking safer.

  • Inhale normally. You will expose your lungs to more tar if you inhale deeper and hold it for longer.
  • Avoid blunts, as they often contain tobacco or chemicals. Double-check your rolling papers' ingredients.
  • Plastic pipes and bongs containing BPA should be avoided.
  • Clean your items regularly.
  • Do not roll marijuana on surfaces that are unclean.