Dabbing 101: Learn the Basics of Dabbing with this Worth IL Marijuana Dispensary

Dabbing 101: Learn the Basics of Dabbing with this Worth IL Marijuana Dispensary

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ve probably heard about dabbing. No, we’re not talking about the viral dance move popularized by Migos. Instead, this kind of “dabbing” refers to vaping concentrates using a specialized device. Want to learn more? Read on for our lesson on Dabbing 101 with some help from our favorite Worth, IL marijuana dispensary.

Dabbing 101: The Basics

Some of the most frequently asked questions about dabbing regard the tools of the trade. Below, we’ll outline what equipment you’ll need to start dabbing. After that, we’ll cover basic dabbing techniques.

What You’ll Need to Dab

From bowls to bongs and everything in between, cannabis connoisseurs are no strangers to smoking apparatuses. However, dabbing takes this to the next level. You’ll need four main tools to start dabbing according to our friends at the Worth, IL marijuana dispensary. 

Dab Rig - It’s not dabbing without a dab rig! Dab rigs can come in various shapes and sizes, but perform the same function. Visually, they look similar to bongs: one end is a mouthpiece, and the other end is where the weed goes.

However, where bongs have a bowl, dabs have a device called a “banger” or “nail.” These typically take the form of a quartz or aluminum piece that can absorb a lot of heat. While you can still smoke concentrates without a dab rig, it’s not technically “dabbing.”

Concentrate - The next piece of the dabbing puzzle is a concentrate. Usually, BHO presents the best option for dabbing. You can also use bubble hash or rosin, provided it’s high-purity enough to fully melt on a hot nail or banger.

Dab Tool - Manipulating dabs can be difficult. You need both pinpoint precision and a high resistance to heat. Some companies sell specialized dab tools, but you can always use a dental pick in a pinch.

Torch - Whenever you smoke flower, you need a lighter. Regardless of whether you’re toking on a joint, blunt, bong, or bowl, if you don’t have some source of combustion, you’re out of luck. The same is true for dabbing.

You can’t just use a lighter for dabbing, though. Instead, you’ll need a kitchen torch to dab successfully. And don’t forget to stock up on butane to fuel it!

How To Do Dabs with This Worth, IL Marijuana Dispensary

Once you have all of your tools assembled, the actually dabbing process doesn’t take very long to learn.

First, heat your nail up using the kitchen torch until it’s hot. Then, let it cool down for 15 seconds to 1 minute. The hotter your dab, the higher it will get you. But lower-temperature dabs can often provide a pleasant, long-lasting experience. What’s more, low-temp dabs preserve the flavor of the concentrate you’re smoking.

While the nail cools, gather some concentrate onto your dab tool. Once the nail is the proper temperature, apply the concentrate to the dab using the tool. Inhale from the mouthpiece while the concentrate vaporizes. Hold the resulting vapor as long as you can for added effect.

Congrats, you’ve officially dabbed! Careful - once you start dabbing, it may quickly become your favorite consumption method. And if you need to pick up any concentrates for dabbing, don’t forget to swing by our friends at this Worth, IL marijuana dispensary!