5 Concentrates To Try From Your Favorite Kalamazoo Marijuana Dispensary

5 Concentrates To Try From Your Favorite Kalamazoo Marijuana Dispensary

Love cannabis concentrates? So do we! But with so many mouth-watering and hard-hitting concentrates to choose from, choosing just the right one to enjoy can be difficult. Luckily, we have your back! We asked the best Kalamazoo marijuana dispensary around to share their knowledge with us and help us single out some of the best cannabis concentrates on the market. Next time you’re shopping for a cannabis concentrate, keep an eye out for these!

Concentrate Kings Gelato Crumble

The Concentrate Kings have been on fire lately, bringing us a number of tantalizing new concentrates that shouldn’t be overlooked. Their gelato crumble is a perfect example! Clocking in at 72.5% THC, this hybrid concentrate is potent, tasty, and versatile. 

Gelato is an evenly balanced hybrid that delivers a potent blend of indica and sativa effects. It also features a delicious flavor that is laced with sweet fruity notes of blueberry and citrus. And if you like to smoke your concentrate instead of dabbing it, crumble is the perfect extract for you. Crumble possesses a more solid form and waxy texture, making it easier to handle than most other concentrates and perfect for sprinkling on top of your bowl or into your joint. 

Humblebee Girl Scout Cookies Live Resin

Live resin is one of the tastiest and terpiest concentrates around, and girl scout cookies is the perfect strain to enjoy it with. GSC is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid that produces a strong and euphoric body buzz alongside a sweet, minty, and kushy flavor. Live resin has a flavorful reputation because it skips the curing process altogether and instead includes buds that growers flash-freeze seconds after harvest. This lets them retain much of the original terpenes of the plant they came from. 

Fluresh GG#4 Badder

Fluresh is another brand that is quickly making a name for itself with its innovative and high-quality cannabis products. Their GG#4 (Gorilla Glue #4) badder clocks in at nearly 66% THC and will surely have you glued to your couch with its strong euphoric and deeply relaxing physical and cerebral effects. Badder is a gooey yet thick concentrate that resembles thick cake batter and is perfect for dabbing.

Candela Tropicana Cookies Live Rosin

Tropicana cookies is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a deliciously sweet and sour citrus flavor reminiscent of it’s parent strain girl scout cookies. Live rosin is the perfect way to enjoy this incredible strain. Extractors squeeze rosin out of the cannabis plant using heat and pressure and tends to have a much higher terpene content and much stronger flavor than many other concentrates. 

Dazed Full-Spectrum 1:1 RSO

Dabs are a great time, but if you’re looking for something with more therapeutic potential, RSO may be a better choice. RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) features a thick, sticky texture intended for oral consumption, sublingual use, or topical application in order to help treat a number of conditions using the healing power of THC and CBD. This 1:1 blend by Dazed is perfect for making the most of both cannabinoids. 

Cannabis Concentrates From Your Favorite Kalamazoo Marijuana Dispensary

Looking for something else? There are many more types of concentrates and strains to choose from when it comes to concentrated extracts. Next time you’re at your favorite Kalamazoo marijuana dispensary, don’t be afraid to ask your budtender for a recommendation!