CBD muscle recovery: How does it work?

CBD muscle recovery: How does it work?

We know that proper recovery after strenuous exercise will yield better results. People of a certain age might remember simpler fitness routines. Exercise enthusiasts are constantly looking for new methods and supplements to increase their gains. Is there a link between CBD and muscle healing?

Early research suggests that CBD may be used post-workout to help the body recover, balance, and build muscle. Scientists and doctors have not reached an agreement on CBD's use in athletic recovery. There is still much to be discovered. Researchers continue to work on the topic, but many professional and active athletes recommend CBD oil for recovery after a workout. Some people use CBD-infused topical pain relief products, while others prefer CBD-infused CBD oil tinctures for sleep.

CBD: The Quick & Easy Version

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of more than 100 compounds found in cannabis plants. It interacts with specific cellular receptors within the body. These receptors form the endocannabinoid (ECS), which aids the body to maintain balance and homeostasis. Hemp, a non-intoxicating strain of cannabis, has the highest concentration of CBD. U.S. law requires that hemp contain no more than 0.3 percent THC. THC is what causes marijuana users to get high. It's illegal to possess marijuana if it contains more THC than the threshold. 

The vast majority of CBD products in America are derived from hemp extracts, and they do not cause impairment. There are many types of CBD products for consumers, including CBD oil Tinctures, capsules and gummies as well as lotions, and gels. These products can easily be found at your local cannabis dispensary in Queens, NY

Strenuous Exercise builds Muscle Through Recovery

Exercise is the first step in building muscle tissue. Intensive resistance training can cause trauma to muscle fibers, causing microtears in the tissues. Your body will recognize that there was some damage and begin to fix it.

This is the beginning of the recovery phase. Cell organelles can become dysfunctional due to all the muscle trauma. This causes cells to begin making repairs. Hypertrophy can be aided by natural growth hormones.

Sleep is a crucial part of exercise recovery. Your body and mind can focus on recovery while you sleep. This is unlike when you are awake scrolling through Netflix or posting fitness memes on Instagram. Building muscle is not as simple as it sounds. Complex molecular and cell biology are what we're referring to. This doesn't happen overnight. It takes time to build muscle.

The Pain of a Post-Workout is Unavoidable

You now know that muscle gains are the result of rebuilding and breaking down muscle fibers. The old saying "no pain no gain" is probably more logical. There are two types of muscle pain that you will experience during and after your workouts.

Acute muscle soreness (AMS) can occur during or right after a workout. It is a tight, tired, and burning sensation in your muscles. It usually goes away quickly and should not interfere with your daily activities or your next workout session. Do not wait for delayed onset muscle soreness to set in. Maybe the next day.

Do not do eccentric exercises that both lengthen and contract a muscle. This will cause DOMS. This is because many weight training exercises (e.g., bicep curls) fall under this category. You can see why so many suffer from DOMS. Fitness buffs often turn to CBD oil for relief from issues such as joint fatigue and AMS.

Muscle Recovery Overview

It is important to remember that medical experts and preliminary studies don't always prove the benefits of CBD oil. This means that CBD oil has been adopted quickly for muscle recovery. A growing number of professional athletes, including Bubba Watson, PGA Tour golfer, and Daniel Cormier, are sharing success stories about CBD oil. There are two main options available to fitness enthusiasts when it comes to CBD-rich products for recovery: topical or oral.

There are many types of topical formulas available: creams, balms and lotions as well as gels that you can buy at your local Queens cannabis dispensary. These products may contain pain-fighting ingredients like menthol and histamine dihydrochloride. This is where you would apply it if you have a sore leg. Topical CBD salts and CBD bath bombs are also available. Most athletes use them to relax after a workout. Oral hemp-extract products are CBD oil capsules and edibles such as CBD infused chewables. These products are often used by athletes to aid recovery from competition or training.

Using CBD for Other Kinds of Muscle Recovery

We've mainly focused on exercise so far. There are many other ways to address the same problems. You might have a job that requires heavy lifting, such as construction or moving. Even jobs that seem easy can be difficult. Grocery store clerks can strain their shoulders when they lift products up to the scanner for eight hours. Typing jobs that require a lot of typing like transcription can cause stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

It is important to consider how CBD affects your mental health when you use it for work-related recovery. Many people find CBD helps them to stay focused and calm before they go to work. A good way to start your day is to take a CBD capsule before you go to work or drink CBD coffee.

You don't want to be at work, particularly if it involves heavy machinery. To help you sleep well, you can use a CBD and/or melatonin combination in the evening. This will improve your alertness and recovery. You can also use topicals for exercise recovery in the same way you would use them.