Apollo 11 Strain – The Choice of Johnson City Cannabis Lovers

Apollo 11 Strain – The Choice of Johnson City Cannabis Lovers

This powerful strain was bred by Brothers Grimm by a cross between Apollo 13, Genius and Cinderella 99, with a THC content up to 22% and very little CBD. This strain is great for morning use, especially if you don't have any evening plans.

Apollo 11 is a powerful strain that can inspire. It can help to relax and provide a soothing and calm feeling. This is a great option for those who need to relax in the middle of the day. You may feel energized and inspired. It is one of the most demanded strains at Johnson City dispensary counters.

What is the Apollo 11 Marijuana Strain and How Does It Work?

It is a hybrid sativa-dominant sativa and is a cross between Apollo 13 and Cinderella99 and Genius. This strain was bred by Brothers Grimm. Although it doesn't have a high THC content, it is still potent. Apollo 13 is named after an aborted lunar mission. Apollo 11 strain is a name that comes from a happier occasion. It's the name of the Apollo 11 mission that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

Apollo 11 marijuana is great for those who enjoy relaxing. You may feel your daily worries and stress melt away after a few puffs. Apollo 11 is a meditation that helps you be present in the moment. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular options for those looking for a daytime smoke. There are many higher-THC strains, but none have the same potency as this one. It's fascinating to see the contrast between Apollo 11's effects. It is said to promote a sense of calm drowsiness. Some users claim it can help combat fatigue and provide an energizing, uplifting feeling.

We've heard Johnson City marijuana dispensary customers complain that they feel spaced out’ after using Apollo 11. The feeling of relaxation in your body may be so intense that couchlock seems almost inevitable. You may also find it easy to get distracted while stoned. This strain can have contradictory side effects, as you probably know. It is best to only use Apollo 11 if you have nothing important planned.

Apollo 11 Cannabis Strain Aroma

Apollo 11 is not the best choice for secret smoking sessions. It is possible to smell it from a distance of several feet. We recommend purchasing a high-quality, airtight container for storage. To absorb the aromas, it is a good idea to leave bowls of baking soda out while you smoke. The lemon citrus scent is very appealing and blends well with the skunky smell.

Flavor of Apollo 11 Marijuana

This strain is crisp and delicious with lots of citrus flavors, particularly lemon. The taste is delightfully cheesy. You will want to taste it again and again.

Appearance Apollo 11 Marijuana Strain

The bright green, long-lasting buds are adorned with trichomes. You will start to appreciate the resinous buds as harvest approaches and you will be excited about the possibility of using this strain.

Apollo 11 Strain Grow Info

Brothers Grimm Seeds is the best place to buy Apollo 11 seeds. They may be available in packs of 12. Apollo 11 may be found in packs of 12. It flowers in 7-8 weeks and grows quickly. The females will grow into bushy, short plants. Also, you will see dense, resinous buds.

To keep your plants small, you can use SCROG or SOG training. You may notice a strong citrus or lemon smell in the grow room when they are growing. Some growers claim that the smell in their cultivation area is like someone spilled a barrel full of cleaning fluid. It is therefore a smart idea to purchase a high-quality filter. You should also consider the prevailing winds if you plan to grow it outside.

Apollo 11 strain is known for producing large numbers of buds on multiple branches. You will need to support your plant with lots of love and care. You will see little variation in this plant's phenotypes. The yield can be described as medium. You can expect to get 3-5 ounces from each plant. Apollo 11 can be grown indoors or outdoors if you have a greenhouse.

THC and CBD Content - Highest Test

There will be a slight difference in the strength of Apollo 11 cannabis depending on where it is purchased. Apollo 11 strain at one Johnson City dispensary may vary from other dispensary products. The THC content of Apollo 11 cannabis can vary between 16% to 22%. Apollo 11 generally contains less than 1% CBD, which means that it doesn't do much to prevent the intoxicating high.

Apollo 11 Strain has Medical Benefits

This strain is a favorite choice for people suffering from chronic pain. People prefer Apollo 11's more focused approach to stronger strains. Although it is powerful enough to make you feel better, it is not as intoxicating than some of the most potent weeds on the market.

Some users love to use it for depression and stress . Apollo 11 can also increase your appetite. It may also help with headaches and gastrointestinal distress, according to some reports. Its effects can vary but you might find it helpful in helping to promote a better sleeping cycle. It is best to use it in the evening rather than in the afternoon.

Possible side effects of Apollo 11 Strain

You can expect to experience the usual side effects such as red eyes and cottonmouth. Eye problems are usually due to the smoke's effects rather than the strain. To alleviate eye problems, you can try vaporizing Apollo 11 and eating it. It can also be overstimulating for novice users so it is best to use with caution.

Apollo 11 Strain: Final Thoughts

This strain can be used to help you relax in the afternoon. However, it is not recommended for beginners. The majority of users prefer to smoke Apollo 11 flowers. You can also buy Apollo 11 oil pens or concentrates like wax and shatter at your nearest cannabis dispensary in Johnson City. Although the effects of Apollo 11 oil pens can vary depending upon who is using it, they generally cause a gradual sensation. You might also get the munchies from Apollo 11. Make sure to have some food on hand in case you need it.