Easy Listening: The Best Cannabis Podcasts

Easy Listening: The Best Cannabis Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage lately, offering on-the-go entertainment with more control over your listening selection than the radio. It seems almost everyone has a podcast these days, and that applies to the world of cannabis as well, as many cannabis enthusiasts are avid fans of podcasts in the space. Whether they’re educating about growing practices or simply cracking jokes about their favorite smoke sessions, these are some of the best cannabis podcasts to explore after visiting a Curtis Bay marijuana dispensary.

Cannabis Podcasts

Brave New Weed

Focusing on the medical aspect of the cannabis universe, Brave New Weed bills itself as “high-minded conversations for the Prohibition Era.” The description is a stark reminder that we still live in a time of wide restrictions on cannabis use, even though medical and recreational legalization have gained momentum in some states across the country. 

Brave New Weed gathers together some of the foremost scientists, medical professionals and thinkers on issues related to cannabis, and sits down with them for enlightening talks that reveal information about the plant in a manner free from judgment. Subjects range from how terpenes work, to how policy should be formed around treating opioid addiction with cannabis.

Dude Grows Show

For cannabis growers, the Dude Grows Show may become an invaluable resource and frequent stop along the journey of starting and managing your own cannabis farming operation. Started by two cannabis farmers and frequent consumers themselves, Dude Grows Show has emerged as a leading voice when it comes to all things cultivation.

Each show is typically a little over an hour long, with thousands of episodes in the backlog to satisfy virtually any question that may arise for growers. Likewise, the podcast maintains a comprehensive website chock to the brim with cannabis growing tips and tricks that anyone can easily absorb.

Cannabis Podcasts

Getting Doug with High

Doug Benson is one of the most renowned comedians in cannabis, owing to his 2007 parody of Super Size Me, “Super High Me,” in which Benson attempts to smoke cannabis for 30 days straight. With his podcast, Getting Doug with High, Benson leverages his iconic status among cannabis enthusiasts to gather famous guests for legendary smoke sessions.

Along the way, plenty of laughs abound, and each episode emphasizes the humor inherent in cannabis use. After all, cannabis is widely known for resulting in some intense fits of laughter, and there’s no better accompaniment for a soothing bowl than Doug.

Cannabis Podcasts


Just as Brave New Weed sits down with thought leaders and voices in medicine, CannaInsider approaches the world of cannabis from the perspective of business. Industry minds of all varieties are featured here speaking on issues across the space that are relevant to modern cannabis commerce.

Hosted by Matthew Kind, CannaInsider has established itself over the years with over 300 different episodes. Keeping up with the podcast is a great, simple way to stay up to date with all of the latest trends in the industry, especially for those interested in starting a cannabis business themselves.

Cannabis podcasts can be great for learning more about the plant, the culture that has sprung up around it, and the legalization movement. Check one out after your next visit to Curtis Bay marijuana dispensary.