Tips for Hiding the Smell of Weed

Tips for Hiding the Smell of Weed

Cannabis users have many reasons to want to mask the smell after smoking weed, even though marijuana is legal in most states for recreational or medical use.

Marijuana plants contain terpenes, which are responsible for the smell of weed. Cannabis strains emit a powerful odor. The powerful smell can permeate your clothing, furniture, and carpets. If unexpected guests are expected, or if parents, landlords, or neighbors don't like the smell, weed users might want to mask it.

Here are some tips to help you mask the aroma of marijuana before, during and after smoking. You can also prevent the smell from occurring altogether. If you're looking to smoke weed in secret, try one or more tips. Experiment to find out what works best to mask the smell of marijuana smoke.

Masking the Weedy Smell Before, During, and After Smoking Marijuana

Try these tips if you need to conceal the smell of your smoking session.

  1. Can Incense Remove Weed Odors? If you want to avoid being too obvious about your intention to mask the smell of weed, you can use a natural scent. You can avoid the smell of marijuana by burning incense prior to smoking. Bonus: Incense smoke can act as a camouflage when there is still cannabis smoke in the air.
  2. Is there a candle that can get rid of the smell of weed? The scent of scented candles is more pleasant than that of incense, and they will mask the smell of marijuana.
  3. Use essential oils to get rid of the smell of weed. Patchouli is a popular oil that's not too strong but still masks the smell of weed. Peppermint, lemongrass, and lavender are also good options.
  4. What is the best air freshener for weed smells? Air fresheners that plug in emit aromatic scents all day long, while air fresheners that spray can mask the weed odor on demand. You probably have odor eliminators in your home, like Febreeze. You can try both air fresheners to see which combination will work best for you.
  5. Does Lysol Remove Weed Odors? Lysol, along with other cleaning products, can help eliminate the smell of marijuana on any surface. Smoke from marijuana can remain on many surfaces.
  6. Can Carpet Cleaner reduce the smell of cannabis? It will remove the odors which have been absorbed into the carpet. You can invest in carpet shampoos that will eliminate the smells of weed from your home rather than just temporarily masking them.
  7. Ozium Spray can be used to eliminate the weed smell. Smoke eliminators can be used to eliminate lingering marijuana smells. Ozium comes in a variety of sizes and is perfect for travel.
  8. Prepare a food that is strong-smelling: Garlic, spices or onions will mask the weed smell. You can use microwave popcorn to mask the smell of weed if you do not have the time to cook. Remember that it can take several days to remove the burnt smell from popcorn.
  9. How to mask the smell of weed in the bathroom. Switch on the fan and the shower. Let the water heat up to a high temperature, creating steam. The smoke from the weed will be emitted. You can also use this trick if you're in a hotel room that doesn't allow smoking.
  10. Open Windows and turn on Fans. You can use portable fans like box or standing fans to ventilate a room after you lift it.
  11. Boil Vinegar and Mask Marijuana Smell. Pour some in a shallow dish, and let it evaporate well ventilated area to mask the smell of marijuana.
  12. Take it out. Take out the trash and empty any ashtrays or bong water. Get rid of the marijuana as soon as possible to reduce the smell.
  13. Make Your Own Sploof. The sploof is a device that uses household items to filter smoke from weed. You can make one with a paper towel, washcloth or toilet paper, a dryer sheet, and a rubberband.
  14. Personal hygiene is important. Smoking weed can cause your breath to smell like marijuana. After smoking cannabis, brush your teeth, use breath strips or mouthwash. You can also chew gum with mint flavor. Shower if you can. Your hair and skin will absorb the smoke.
  15. Does Body Spray Cover the Weed Odor? If you don't have time to change clothes, use a small amount of body spray, cologne or perfume. A good scent can cover up the smell of weed.
  16. Marijuana Storage without Smell If you want to store weed without it smelling, use an airtight container. Vacuum-sealed plastic bags, Ziploc bags or Rubbermaid containers can be used to store marijuana. They will keep the smells in and prevent them from escaping.
  17. Do Vape Pens smell like cannabis? Vaping cannabis oil or dried herbs does not produce much smoke and the smell is less pungent than smoking marijuana.
  18. Do Edibles Have the Smell of Smoking Weeds? You can make edibles at home or buy them from cannabis dispensaries by adding marijuana to butter. Edible marijuana does not emit smoke and has no smell.
  19. Smoke Indica strains of Marijuana. Indica is one of the strains of marijuana that does not smell as bad as other strains. Indica strains have fewer buds and emit a milder smell when smoked. Indica strains include Granddaddy Purple and Northern Lights.
  20. Does Smoking Weed Pipes make you smell? The amount of marijuana smoke produced by a pipe is less than that from a bong, a joint or a bong.
  21. Does Vaporizing It Smell Like Smoking It? This device will vaporize the strongest weed odors, so you can hide the smell from the start. You can purchase vaporizers at your local dispensary.
  22. Do One-Hitters smell proof? The reusable cigarette looks like a weed cigarette, but it doesn't have the same pungent smell.
  23. Can a carbon filter remove the weed smell? A carbon filter will reduce the smell of marijuana if you are growing it in your home.
  24. Can Air Purifiers Reduce the Smell of Weed? Invest in an air purifier for your home. Air purifiers of high quality can neutralize and remove any weed smell in your home.
  25. Do Odor Absorbing Gels Work on Cannabis? Use these gels to cover the area you smoke in. These should be able to cover up the smell and smoke of marijuana.
  26. Use a smoke neutralizer. Many stores carry marijuana-related products which can be used to eliminate or prevent the odors caused by weed.
  27. Smoke Outside Where Legal. Smoking marijuana inside your home is the easiest way to avoid the smell. Since most states have laws that prohibit smoking in public or outdoors, it is best to smoke at home.

This list may not be exhaustive but it will give you an idea where to begin when you are trying to mask the smell of your burning. Remember these tips the next time that you want to light up in secret.