Using the Releaf App: Tips and Tricks from a Local Rockville Marijuana Dispensary

Using the Releaf App: Tips and Tricks from a Local Rockville Marijuana Dispensary

At this point, the various possible therapeutic benefits of cannabis are hard to deny. Looking for a way to track how certain cannabis makes you feel during a session? Tracking how a strain’s effects is one of the best ways you can narrow down the perfect genetics for you. And when it comes to recording data on a strain’s effects, one app rises above the rest: Releaf. In this post, we’ll cover some useful tips and tricks for using the Releaf app with help from a local Rockville marijuana dispensary.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Releaf App from a Local Rockville Marijuana Dispensary

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For a scientific approach to cannabis sessions, Releaf sets the bar. There’s no better way to track how a strain makes you feel, broken down into countless categories. What’s more, its user interface makes Releaf exceptionally easy to use. But there are still some useful tricks to help anyone get started.

Keep Track of Your Favorite Strains

One of Releaf’s most basic features is also its most powerful. The app makes it easy to track and compile information during cannabis sessions, analyzing the effectiveness of whatever strain you’re using.

The app will take your information and combine it with data from other users (submitted anonymously of course) to give a strain a 1-5 star rating. Use this information to determine which strains work best for alleviating your individual symptoms.

Listen to Your Feelings

You can do more than just track your symptoms on Releaf, though. One of the app’s best features is its ability to record how each individual strain makes you feel.

In the app, you can rate the properties of individual strains on a 1-10 point basis. Feeling creatively inspired? Anxiety melting away? Keep track and recreate the same experience in a later session.

Enable Notifications and Check In!

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One place where Releaf really shines is its ability to help its users keep track of their sessions in real-time. But that’s hard to do if you don’t enable notifications!

Although some apps’ notifications can be aggravating, they’re nearly required with Releaf. The app will send you notifications during a session, reminding you to check in and record how a strain affects your symptoms. Without allowing notifications and checking in, you won’t be using some of Releaf’s most popular features!

Take Notes!

Use Releaf’s built-in Notebook feature to track miscellaneous strain properties that don’t fall into any other category. Maybe one strain is particularly good for keeping you going during the daytime. In contrast, another might be perfect for helping you unwind at night. Or, you may love a particular strain - but only when it’s on sale.

Keep track of these tidbits and any other important assorted information in the Notebook. You never know when a seemingly random piece of information could pay off!

Need to Re-Up? Trust Your Local Rockville Marijuana Dispensary

Regardless of whether you need flower, concentrates, or edibles to alleviate your symptoms, trust Releaf to help you make the right decision. And once you know what works best for you, choose your local Rockville marijuana dispensary to fill your order.