Blood Orange Marijuana Strain 101

Blood Orange Marijuana Strain 101

The Sativa dominant hybrid Blood Orange is a tasty phenotype from the legendary Tangie strain. It is a cross of Cali Orange and Appalachia. This delicious strain of cannabis has a complex terpene mixture that is derived from the Tangie lineage. It's infused with heavy doses of fruits and spices to create a flavor that will delight your taste buds. Blood Orange marijuana has a combination effect that includes a giggling sensation that is able to wash away stress and speed up thoughts. It also produces increased creativity that can lead to a more relaxed state that will help you unwind and get better sleep. This weed has a THC content of 22-25 percent, which is insanely high. It is suitable for experienced potheads.

Blood Orange Strain - If you want more focus, energy, and creativity, try it.

The strain also contains:

  • CBD 0.5% - 0.9%
  • CBC 0.22-1%
  • CBG 0.42-1.17%
  • CBN 0.16-0.26%
  • THCV 0.31-1.85%

Blood Orange Strain Terpene Profile

The Blood Orange cannabis, a mix of tasty strains, is well-known for its flavor and aroma. Complex terpene profiles are dominated by eucalyptol, sabinene and menthol. This is responsible for the strain’s delicious citrus and apple flavors. It has a strong, spicy aroma with hints of herbal undertones. The floral exhale will make you want more.These terpenes are also available:

  • Pinene 0.05%
  • Humulene 0.05%
  • Bisabolol 0.3%

Strain's Effects & Medical Applications

The Blood Orange strain is known for its eye-opening, sour citrus taste. It also has cerebral effects that are almost immediate upon inhalation. Light euphoria filled the body with a light, giggling sensation that stimulated creativity. You feel full-bodied buzzed from the marijuana, which leaves you feeling relaxed and free of racing thoughts. The weed will give you a mild feeling of energy, which builds slowly and leaves you completely relaxed with no sedative effects. The Blood Orange marijuana, with its high THC average, is ideal for treating conditions such as:

  • Appetite loss
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Pain
  • Depression

Side effects can be experienced by sensitive stoners, such as:

  • Dry eyes
  • Concern
  • Low blood pressure

Tips for Cultivators

Blood Orange weed strain produces bright, grape-shaped nugs with dark orange hairs. There is also a frosty dusting of large milky white trichomes. Growers can harvest 10-15 ounces per plant within 63 days with a flowering period of 48-58 days. This cannabis bud can grow indoors and outdoors to a height of 30-60 inches. Although it may be difficult to locate the seeds of this cannabis, they can be found on certain websites. And, if you are looking for pre-rolls and cartridges of Blood Orange weed strain visit DC Cannabis dispensary.