CBD Sprays: Does it Work?

CBD Sprays: Does it Work?

This article is solely under the editorial control. The manufacturers have not made any health claims about the potential uses of the products. This article contains general information. This information is not meant to replace professional medical advice. CBD (Cannabidiol) is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant and it's appearing in an amazing array of products. CBD is not known to cause the "high" that is associated with Tetrahydrocannabinol.A CBD spray might be a good option if you are interested in CBD. These sprays can be as effective as CBD oils, but are they really as reliable? Find out how to choose a high-quality spray by reading this article.

What's CBD spray?

There are many types of CBD sprays:

  • Oral Sprays. These sprays are sprayed in the mouth to absorb through the mucous membranes for a full-body effect. They are discreet and easy to use, and often come in a variety of flavors.
  • Topical sprays. These sprays can be rubbed directly on the skin to provide a targeted effect. You can mix them with other ingredients like arnica to get additional anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Nasal sprays. These sprays are administered through the nose using a special nozzle. This CBD spray is more common than the oral or topical.

The spray will determine the best method of application. However, CBD sprays, especially nasal ones, aren’t as common as other forms of CBD like gummies and oils. This can make them harder to find.

Do CBD sprays work?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD sprays may provide effective topical relief. However, there are limited clinical trials on topical, nasal, and oral CBD sprays. Many also looked at products that contain both CBD and THC. It is difficult to know if a spray with CBD only would be as effective.Important to mention that studies have been done specifically on oral CBD sprays.A study by 2014 Trusted Source researchers showed that Sativex, an oral CBD and THC spray, was safe and effective for people with multiple Sclerosis.Another study from 2014 Trusted Source showed that an oral CBD/THC spray could reduce neuropathic pain.A previous study by 2010Trusted Source showed that CBD and THC oral sprays reduced nausea in relation to chemotherapy for people with cancer.Evidence suggests that CBD can reduce pain, anxiety, and improve the quality of sleep.Sublingual CBD sprays, which are applied under the tongue, have a higher bioavailability than CBD oils that are ingested. Sublingual products absorb more CBD than those you ingest.A reviewTrusted source in 2018 on cannabinoid delivery methods for pain and inflammation found that both oral and nasal transmucosal delivery delivers CBD directly to the blood. This makes them more efficient than products intended to be swallowed or digested.

What are some of the benefits and drawbacks to CBD sprays?


  • Simple and discrete application
  • Sublingual CBD products have a higher bioavailability than ingested CBD products.
  • Available in different strengths and flavors


  • CBD oils and gummies are harder to find
  • Dosing is more precise than other forms of consumption.

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Difference between CBD spray and CBD oil

What is the difference between CBD spray and CBD oil?

Sublingual or nasal CBD sprays are very similar to CBD oil.Both nasal and oral sprays can be applied quickly and easily. For the fastest results, you will need to spray an oral spray directly below your tongue or on the inside of your cheek.This may be more convenient than holding a CBD oil under your tongue for the recommended time.CBD sprays are also versatile. You can combine them with other ingredients to get specific benefits like melatonin to sleep, or botanicals that calm the skin.Keep in mind, however, that CBD interactions with vitamins and supplements are still unknown. You might be better off choosing CBD-only products.

Is CBD spray right for you?

A spray is a good option if you are looking for specific benefits from either an oral or topically applied CBD product. If you are looking for something discreet and simple to use, a spray is an option. Nasal CBD sprays are not as popular as other forms of spray. It's worth noting that some people do not like the sensation of nasal administration.A gummy oil or an oil will give you more options and allow you to do more precise doses.

Where to buy CBD sprays

It's not like buying other over-the-counter products for wellness. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which doesn't regulate CBD the same as drugs and supplements, recommends that you do your research before purchasing CBD products.You can be sure that your CBD products are safe by using current certificates from third-party labs. They should be easy to locate online, or available from the company upon request.You should not only make a purchase to get a COA for a product.Before you make a purchase, be sure to read the COA. You can verify details such as potency, cannabinoid profiles (or how much CBD or THC a product contains) and if there are any contaminants like heavy metals, molds or pesticide residue.You want a company that is transparent about its hemp source, cultivation methods, and product potency. Check out FDA warning letters Trusted sources and lawsuits to see if a company has a good reputation.Take a look at customer reviews. Pay attention to any negative reviews. This could indicate that you should steer clear of the brand.

How to Use CBD Sprays

Some CBD sprays can be applied topically while others can be taken orally or nasally. Before using, make sure you read all instructions.To properly use a CBD nasal spray, it is important to follow the instructions. You will need to insert the nozzle in one nostril. Next, press gently on the other nostril to close it. Finally, push the nozzle down to spray the CBD.You will generally spray a topical cream directly on the affected area. Be careful to avoid any broken skin or mucous membranes. You won't need to rub them in. Oral CBD sprays can be sprayed directly into the mouth. To get the most effective uptake, place the product under the tongue or against your tongue.A recommended dose should be included in the package directions. You should always start with the lowest dosage to gauge your body's reaction.If you are new to CBD, our CBD dosage guidance can be a great reference.

Side effects and safety

Although CBD is generally safe and can help with many conditions, there is researchTrustedSource that indicates some people might experience side effects. These side effects can include:

  • Fatigue
  • diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite
  • Weight changes

To test the effects of a topical CBD spray on your skin, apply a small amount to a test area. To avoid irritation, you should not use it on damaged skin.Talk to your doctor before you try any CBD products. This is especially important if you are currently on any medication, as there could be interactions.

The takeaway

You can try CBD sprays, which are convenient and efficient. Make sure to do your research before you make a decision.You should look for products from a trusted brand that has tested their products for contaminants and potency.