Cannabis to Enhance Your Meditation

Cannabis to Enhance Your Meditation

Most people enjoy how cannabis can bring about a deep sense of contemplation after a few puffs of their favorite strain. It has a beautiful ability to dive into our minds and set us free from the world around us. But cannabis isn’t the only thing that can do that – so can meditation! While it might seem like cannabis and meditation don’t mix, they can actually go together beautifully if combined in the right way. Once you pick up your products from a Adelanto cannabis dispensary, you’re ready to get started!

Cannabis and Meditation

cannabis and meditation

Sitting down to focus on the moment isn’t always an easy thing to do. You might even wonder why you should bother when you can just enjoy some cannabis instead. Or maybe you are an avid meditation practitioner who meditates every day. Why not do both? While it’s true that smoking too much might get in the way of meditation, cannabis in moderation can enhance the experience. Here’s how.

How Cannabis Helps You Meditate

Most people who enjoy cannabis find that it calms them down, and stress relief is one of everyone’s favorite cannabis benefits. This can be helpful when it comes to meditating. Cannabis can allow you to begin a meditation already feeling calm. That way, you don’t have to spend as much time trying to relax your racing thoughts. And you can immediately start focusing on the present moment.

In fact, most effects that cannabis has on the brain can help with meditation. The relaxed sensations combine well with stillness, and slowing the mental process is a great way to let go of obsessive thoughts. The euphoria that cannabis induces can help you contemplate what you are thankful for, which is great for a gratitude meditation practice. Just make sure to look for strains or products with the right effects when you shop at a Adelanto cannabis dispensary.

How to Use Cannabis for Meditation

cannabis and meditation

Knowing that cannabis can boost your meditation practice is one thing, but knowing how to combine them can be tricky. The most important thing is to remember to use cannabis in moderation during meditation. Feeling too high can cause the opposite of the effects you’re looking for and make it hard to focus -- or might just put you to sleep. Start with only half the dose you usually enjoy to see how it gets you in the meditation mindset. The correct dosage for you and your practice is going to be unique to you. Just remember not to consume so much that you feel intoxicated but slightly relaxed. Look for low-THC products when you shop at Adelanto cannabis dispensary or just take a small dose to get started.

Remember Why You Meditate

No matter what type of meditation you do or what you supplement with, your meditation practice is a vital part of your wellbeing. It can help you maintain your attention on the present and appreciate all you have in life. It can also help control depression and anxiety and support many other aspects of our health.