What Is Shatter? Cannabis Shatter Explained

What Is Shatter? Cannabis Shatter Explained

The Shatter cannabis extract is best known for the stunning look it has. When it was first introduced in early 2010, it quickly gained popularity amongst Instagram users and photographers. Akin to visiting a top-notch Lapeer dispensary, the uniqueness of this product is hard to overlook. It's not hard to see why. Also known as shatter weed or marijuana shatter and shatter wax, it is different from any other marijuana products on the market. It is similar to stained glass, but not opaque or transparent. The consistency is brittle and tends to shatter when broken, like stained glass. Shades range from deep ambers or honey tones and lighter yellows like vegetable oils.

What is the consistency of shatter?

Shatter's consistency is determined by the ratio of terpenes. At room temperature, terpenes have a soft consistency. When high levels of terps present are, the shatter will be more snappy and stretch like taffy when cut in half. Higher concentrations of THCA may also cause "sugaring" or crystallization. If you're familiar with the offerings at a dispensary Lapeer MI, you'll notice the various consistencies of products available.Some users find shatter easier to handle because it has a more brittle texture. Use a dab-tool to break pieces off with your fingernails, but be aware that this can cause a sticky residue. The dab tool, or dabber, is specifically designed for dosing concentrates. The tool is made of glass or stainless steel and makes it easy to dose concentrates. It also prevents accidental burns.

What is Shatter CBD, and what does it do?

You might assume that all shatters contain high levels of THC if you look at online shatter descriptions. But, just as a dispensary Lapeer offers a variety of products, there are different kinds of shatters. Marijuana shatter is known for its high THC content and ability to frighten even the most savvier cannabis users. But not all shatter must be THC-rich. CBD shatter is also being produced by some cannabis concentrate manufacturers.CBD shatter has a high concentration of cannabidiol, but lower THC levels. CBD shatter appeals to medical marijuana patients who are interested in experiencing the powerful therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis concentrates, but do not want the high that is caused by THC levels.

How to use Shatter?

The majority of people choose to use shatter either by burning it or dabbing.


You can indeed smoke shatter. It cannot be rolled or placed into a bowl on its own. However, shatter can easily be added to flower to make smokable concentrates.Add a piece of shatter into your bowl, or sprinkle it on a joint while you're rolling. Just make sure not to ignite the shatter. This can cause the THC to be activated before the THC is able for you to enjoy its benefits. If you are using a glass bowl to maximize your dose, add a small amount of flower first, followed by the desired dose of shatter. Then, top it off with more flowers. Add the shatter to the center of the joint and not the crutch/filter or tip.


Many medical marijuana users enjoy dabbing to get their favorite strains. Dabbing does not use any cannabis flowers. Dabbers instead inhale pure concentrates of cannabis. Dabbers have a wide range of concentrates to choose from, such as shatter, live rosin and crumble. Dabbing medical marijuana is done with a glass pipe known as a 'dab rig'. Dab rigs melt cannabis by placing it on a surface that is hot, such as a nail, quartz or titanium. The carb cap, which is a tool that traps heat and allows it to be rotated in order to spread out the melted cannabis concentrate evenly across the nail or banger. Smoke-free vapor from the mouthpiece is inhaled into the lungs through the water chamber of the dab rig.In recent years, dabbing has become more popular for several reasons. Concentrates are more potent than any other product available on the market. Dabs are 5x more potent than a joint toke, with 25mg per rice grain-sized piece. The effects of dabs are almost immediate. This makes them a popular choice for those who need to use more flower in order to get the desired effects.Dabbing, unlike flowering plants, is highly customizable. The temperature of the dabs can change the taste and experience when shatter or other concentrates are used. The low temperatures produce smaller vapor cloud and more flavorful dabs (this is because the temperature where terpenes are burned off is lower than that of high-temp dabs). High temperature dabs, on the other hand, provide larger vapor and less flavor.Dab pens have been a major factor in changing the way marijuana concentrates are perceived and made available. Dab pens, which are adapted from the vape pen and e-cigarette industry, are discreet, portable and easy to operate. The two most popular are nectar collectors and pack and go. The pack and go contains a battery with settings for low, medium, and high temperatures, as well as a mouthpiece made from quartz, titanium, or ceramic. The chamber is filled with shatter or other concentrates, and the inhaler mouthpiece allows the user to breathe it all in. Nectar Collectors are similar to a straw. They have a mouthpiece at one end and a vaporizing tip the other. The battery is in between. You can use nectar collectors to place shatter onto a dab-tool (a surgical steel instrument used for manipulating concentrates). Then, gently brush the vaporizer on the concentrate.We love it for dabbing. The Puffco Plus has three temperature settings so you can adjust it to your personal preferences. It doubles up as a loading tool. Simply press the silicone cap to expand the tool.

Use Shatter for its Benefits

Shatter has a powerful and instantaneous impact. Shatter can be vaporized or dabbed to allow the cannabinoids into the bloodstream very quickly. This allows them to have immediate psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Cannabis extracts have a much higher potency than cannabis flowers, so consumers can use less. This "less is better" approach to cannabis products has been adopted by many people.

What are the side effects of using Shatter?

Anyone who is considering shatter, or any other concentrated cannabis product should be aware of the potential negative effects. THC is a powerful medicine and therapeutic agent. Overconsumption can lead to anxiety, paranoia and other undesirable experiences. Remember that shatter contains more THC per gram than the normal cannabis flower you smoke in a cigarette. This can be overwhelming to someone who has never used cannabis before or is sensitive to it's effects.

Find out where to buy cannabis shatter in Michigan

Medical marijuana patients in Michigan love shatter. The intense aroma and flavor, as well as its beautiful appearance, make it a favorite. In any nearest local dispensary, you can choose from a wide range of cold-ethanol-extracted shatters and other concentrates.