The Marijuana Best Movies to Watch While High According to This Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensary

The Marijuana Best Movies to Watch While High According to This Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensary

Is there anything better than relaxing at the end of a long day with your favorite strain and a classic movie? Maybe, but we doubt it. “Stoner movies” may have started as whimsical, stupid, and silly niche films. But over the last two decades they’ve evolved into a beloved and longstanding genre in American cinema. In this post, we’ll cover the three best movies to watch while high with a little help from our friends at this Los Angeles marijuana dispensary.

The Best Movies to Watch While High According to This Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensary

It was honestly really hard to whittle down the entire marijuana movie genre into just three of its best offerings. That’s like asking us to pick a favorite child (or just one favorite strain). However, we managed to trim the fat and include three movies that exemplify stoner comedies from across different eras. 

Pineapple Express

You can’t have a list of the greatest cannabis movies to watch while high without including Pineapple Express. Released in 2008, the film served as countless millennials’ introduction to cannabis culture. It’s also one of Seth Rogen’s breakout movies, and his first film with former BFF James Franco (Rogen recently said that he’d never work with Franco again after hearing about Franco’s sexual assault allegations).

Pineapple Express is a nearly perfect example of the “stoner movie” genre. It builds on the previous tropes established by films like How High and Half Baked including bumbling, inept heroes who must overcome absurd odds to save the day. In addition, the palpable chemistry between Franco and Rogen sets Pineapple Express firmly in the annals of marijuana movie history.

Half Baked

Where do we start with Half Baked? It’s arguably one of the first true stoner comedies. On top of that, the film was Dave Chapelle’s first leading movie role. It also kickstarted Chapelle’s career with Neal Brennan, who would soon team up with Chapelle again as co-writer for Chapelle’s Show. 

Half Baked effectively started many of the tropes that we see as a standard across all stoner comedies. Completely inept heroes who somehow manage to pull things together at the last second. And of course, plenty of smoking!

Super Troopers

If only cops were really this cool. Super Troopers is (arguably) the magnum opus of comedy troupe Broken Lizard. While essentially everything that the group has released is comedy gold, Super Troopers enjoys a spot at the top of their catalog.

It’s not difficult to see why. The movie boasts some of the greatest characters of any “stoner comedy.” Kevin Heffernan’s performance as Farva steals the show, embodying the sort of try-hard butt-kisser that everyone has worked with at least once.

What’s more, Super Troopers has some of the most memorable quotes of all time. And that’s saying something when you compare it to the other endlessly-quotable movies on this list. From the opening scene’s crown jewel of “YOU BOYS LIKE MEX-EE-CO?” to near Marx-brothers levels of punnery with Farva’s “I don’t want a large Farva I want a goddamn liter of cola,” line, nearly everything everyone in this movie says is quotable.

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Watching any of these movies sober is undeniably great. But to really experience them the way their creators intended, you should probably take a few tokes before you press play.

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