What is cannabis vaping and how does it work?

What is cannabis vaping and how does it work?

Vaping cannabis is an inhalation method that allows you to obtain highs or therapeutic benefits from the plant. The temperature at which cannabis is vaporized is lower than that of combustion. The heating methods used for vaping are convection or conduction. These heat methods regulate the temperature so that cannabis doesn't burn. Vaping often has a richer taste and a smoother inhale than smoking that’s why most people prefer cannabis vapes in Denver.A flame, such as a match, or lighter, is used to smoke cannabis flowers. This produces a stronger hit and more intense smoking. Although vapes aren't likely to go away, few people seem to know where they come from, how they work and what they have in store for them. This is everything you need about vaping marijuana.

Vaping marijuana has many benefits

Vaping was invented because it was safer than smoking cannabis or tobacco and inhaling carcinogenic-laden smoke. Vaping is preferred by most people because of the lower health risks.People prefer cannabis vapes in Denver because vape is a discrete device that can be carried around and is not sprayed with weed smoke. Also, controlled low temperatures enable for greater activation of cannabinoids before they become too toxic. Many believe that vaping produces stronger effects than smoking. Additionally, oil-based vape pen pens offer greater potency than cannabis flowers.There is however some disagreement. There are many factors that could make cannabis smoke more harmful than other burnt substances. This can affect lung function and immunity. But, it is still debatable whether vaping is better.

What is the working principle of vaporizers?

Vaporizers for cannabis can use either dry flower or concentrates, and one of two heat processes to produce the smoke: conduction and convection. Each one has its own pros and cons.


Conduction refers to heating a substance by direct contact with heat. It's like a frying pan. You heat the pan, and the food inside the pan cooks. Conduction weed vapers use a metal or ceramic element as the heat source. Pax vapers are able to heat up cannabis and create vapor.Conduction heating is used in the majority of weed vapers. Conduction heats up quickly, but it may not heat all the material evenly. Because it is in direct contact with material, conduction can cause it to burn.


Convection vapes work in indirect ways. The heated element does not come into contact with the herb, concentrate or other substances. Instead, the heated element heats the air and then creates vapor. It works in the same way as an oven. Hot air is continuously circulated through the device, spreading it evenly. Convection vaporizers are slower to heat but have a lower risk of burning the weed.

Vape pens, atomizers and vape pen

The heat produced by the vape pen cartridges is conduction. An atomizer is a heating element that heats cannabis oil. It can be a ceramic coil, wick or metal plate. The battery device screws onto the cartridge containing cannabis oil. It heats and powers the atomizer to vaporize the oil. There are many types of marijuana vaporizers:

  • Vape pens
  • Portable
  • Tabletops

Vaping cannabis flower vs. concentrates

Although flower remains the most widely used cannabis product, most people still smoke it. However, vaping marijuana is cheaper and allows you to focus on specific strains' flavor profiles and unique characteristics. Vaping cannabis is a great way to avoid the weed smell and lingering aromas on your clothes.Temperature can also be adjusted to maximize flower's effects on you and your body. Different compounds have different decarboxylation temperatures. You can easily dab with concentrated vaporizers or E-rigs such as the Puffco peak. Dabbing, a type of vaporization that uses water to give a smoother hit, is one form. Concentrates have a stronger THC level than flowers, which can range from 50-80% THC to flower's 15-25%.

The best temperatures to smoke weed

Vaping flowers is a hot habit. You should not be smoking at 710oF. This is despite the fact that 710 comes from temperature. You can vape hot flowers without burning your throat. To ensure that your flower doesn't get burned, we recommend you start low and increase the temperature gradually.Concentrates are less plant material than straight flowers, so you can heat them up to 400-600oF. Many dab heads believe that a temperature higher than 500oF can compromise the flavor and balance of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds in your dabs. You should always have some residue in your concentrate vaporizer that you can wipe off. If it is all gone, lower the temperature.

Where to get cannabis vapes in Denver?

You can buy cannabis vapes at your local cannabis dispensary in Denver or find a weed delivery service that can deliver marijuana at your doorsteps. So, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest dispensary and get the type of cannabis vape that suits your needs. If you have already been using vapes, let us know about your experience in the comments section below.