Sharpen Your Mind with This Utica Cannabis Dispensary

Sharpen Your Mind with This Utica Cannabis Dispensary

When it comes to cannabis, a common impression is that smoking makes you completely delirious and too lazy to get any work done. However, some strains actually have a reputation for helping individuals to focus, serving as the perfect means to liven up even mundane tasks like cleaning. To inform your next trip to a Utica cannabis dispensary, these are the best strains for focus you’re likely to find while browsing the shelves.

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Best Strains for Focus from a Utica Cannabis Dispensary

Lion OG

Lion OG is a hybrid cannabis strain that places emphasis on its medicinal qualities, with those who smoke it often claiming that the strain helps to reduce pain and inflammation. Furthermore, Lion OG possesses uplifting cerebral effects that prove conducive to tackling the day, whether you plan on going for a hike or working on your novel.

As a hybrid cannabis strain, Lion OG offers qualities from both sativas and indicas. In fact, Lion OG is considered a “perfect” hybrid, with an even split of sativa and indica genetics. That adds up to an intriguing and unique cannabis experience capable of appealing to those who prefer a middle ground between the deeply relaxing effects of indicas and the lively nature of sativas. 


Named after the famous alcoholic beverage, Mimosa provides a different kind of buzz, likewise harboring hybrid genetics that emphasize a rich array of traits from its distinctive lineage. Mimosa descends from the Clementine and Purple Punch strains, which both hold their own reputations as heavy hitters in the history of cannabis growing.

Mimosa is primarily renowned for the happy high that seems to ripple throughout the whole body with its warm, embracing glow. A short smoke is all one needs to spruce up their busywork, as within seconds the strain will work to comfort the mind and erase all stress and anxiety, allowing for focus on the task at hand.

strains for focus

Sunset Sherbert

A popular selection that is likely to show up at your favorite Utica cannabis dispensary is Sunset Sherbert, a world-famous strain that is known to consumers for its delightful citrus scent and equally tasty smoke. The palatable nature of Sunset Sherbert is a major reason for its status as one of the most common strains to pass around at kickbacks and other cannabis gatherings.

Sunset Sherbert is rich with THC, with batches often testing at over 18% content on average, so it’s vital for inexperienced cannabis consumers to heed caution when smoking the strain. Remember to dose appropriately, and take time in between each hit, allowing at least 20 minutes for the effects of your first draw to settle before inhaling more.


In the modern cannabis market, Chocolope is perhaps best recognized by consumers as the “chocolate-scented” strain that makes for a remarkable strain for sharing. Chocolope isn’t only desirable for its delicious aroma, though, as the sativa effects of the strain lend themselves to a clear, soothing high that promotes creativity and bubbly energy. With all of these qualities taken together, it’s no wonder Chocolope stands out as a repeat purchase for many cannabis consumers.

When shopping for strains for focus, keep an eye out for sativas with energizing terpenes like limonene, eucalyptol, and pinene.